The Berrington experience

We have huge respect for our elderly. They deserve to be honoured. They deserve to have a voice. They deserve not just the best services and care, but a quality lifestyle in their golden years. We believe it is “A Lifestyle Deserved”.

That’s our genuine aim. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are what some of our residents and families think:

It is a difficult decision to move from your home into an aged care facility, but Wyn has nothing but praise for everything - from her beautiful room to the tasty food, and she is overwhelmed by the kindness and caring of every staff member. It gives her family peace and a great deal of joy as we see her enjoying life once more. Thank you Berrington!

P and C McW

Berrington’s vision of offering a very high standard of care and quality of life, as well as not looking or operating like a hospital, is being well implemented by all levels of staff. When we (as is so often the case) urgently needed to find permanent accommodation for Dad, Berrington bent over backwards, going way beyond just doing a job.

Dad is thriving and we have noticed that despite his increasing dementia, he is more socially engaged and active than he has been for some time. My Mother joins in activities with him, and as a family we feel a great sense of thankfulness and peace that he is able to live in such a good place.


During a lengthy period in Hollywood Hospital our Mother… became very ill. This delayed her admission to Berrington on the agreed date. However, thanks to Fran Economo, the only available room at the time was held for Mum in good faith.

Once in Berrington, whilst not 100%, Mum was given the love and care by all the doctors and staff, who slowly but surely nursed her back to a level where she now enjoys the many benefits provided. The facilities are second to none and set a new standard of High Care in this country. The administration, nursing staff, carers and all the other employees are without doubt what makes Berrington such a lovely place to enjoy the golden years of one’s life.


Our mother became very unwell following a short period of two weeks in Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital.  She was taken to hospital with a suspected back injury following several falls at home but deteriorated to the point of being unable to walk, feed herself and declining cognitive responses. 

With urgent focus by Dr Blackwell …and all members of staff, Mum began to regain her normal strength and ability, and is now walking unaided…eating by herself and conversing excitedly with the staff and lovely residents.

We sincerely thank all the Berrington team for their contribution of the highest level as well as their kindness and thoughtfulness in addressing mum’s needs with consideration.

A and L

I am writing to let you know that Fran Economo was a breath of fresh air and the most helpful and delightful person we have dealt with. She was most accommodating and flexible.  Fran allowed us to tour the facility at a time convenient to us and provided all the requested information, and followed up, when she said she would. Not to mention that we were most impressed with the facility, the staff and the services. We have now listed our mother with Berrington as the only option.


The journey of choosing an aged-care facility for a family member was unknown to me. After many disappointments, I was guided to contact Berrington Subiaco. They came with high praise, which intrigued me. Other facilities had treated me as ‘one of the crowd’. There was nothing special about me, or my request for an application. Were Berrington going to refuse my request for a tour? I was tired of being asked to make an application when I can’t see the home. How was Berrington going to be any different?

WOW. The phone was answered by a gentle voice, and immediately, I felt I had made a connection with someone who cared. I was put through to Fran Economo, the Admissions Manager, who proceeded to listen to my story with openness. I was invited to meet with her, and given a personal walk through. No crowds on this tour… just Fran and I.

The ambience that greeted me was amazing. The honesty and openness of the sharing of details as Fran and I walked through the home was wonderful. The smiles on the faces of staff as they were doing their work was uplifting. They happily looked me in the eyes and said ‘hi’.

The whole experience was so different to anything I had encountered. Berrington took caring to another level.


My parents moved earlier this year from an aged-care facility in Sydney to Berrington.

Everything has gone well from the moment we arrived. Straight from the airport, their suitcases were whisked away for clothes labelling and back in their rooms in no time, a dedicated carer was allocated to help settle Mum and Dad in and familiarise them with their surroundings. Another bonus, Mum and Dad arrived at Berrington on a Friday afternoon when there is Happy Hour - a glass of wine, some nibbles and many old favourites being played by the pianist all contributed to a successful ‘settling in’.

Berrington provides an environment where Mum and Dad are pleased to be able to ask family and friends to come and join them. And finally and most importantly, we’ve found everyone at Berrington to be very attentive and caring.”


The feelings we experienced when we entered the Berrington Care facility were those when you instinctively know that your loved one would be well cared for and in safe hands.

We all felt very emotional, but content and happy in the knowledge that our Mum would receive the very best of care in her new home. It was a truly wonderful experience, something we will never forget. For that we are eternally grateful to the staff who were so genuine and made the occasion so memorable.

Berrington achieves a rare mix of superb modern amenities, supported by staff who ensure the very best of care is available for residents, creating a warm, cosy, friendly and inviting atmosphere - a wonderful combination.

Our visit to Berrington was made complete by Mrs Fran Economo, who was most gracious with her time and showed a real understanding of residents’ and visitors’ needs. Mrs Economo was a further compelling reason in our decision for Mum to become a resident in this truly wonderful facility.”