What’s the difference between “a nursing home” and “aged care facility”?

Whilst Berrington does provide nursing care and accommodation, it’s about as far from a traditional nursing home as you can possibly get.

The quality of life is exceptional, beginning with our respect for our residents. They are not “patients”, and Berrington is not a hospital. Whilst we absolutely manage all of our resident’s clinical care well, Berrington is fundamentally a home. Therefore our focus is always on hospitality. And our version of hospitality doesn’t stop with exceptional food – it is everything that comes out of our heart to serve.

Can I find out more without sales pressure?

Absolutely. Berrington is not for everyone (and it’s sadly true that not everyone can afford what we offer) but we want the same as you – the right choice. Our admissions team of Fran or Annie is available to show you around (in a private tour) or meet to discuss your decisions at a time suitable to you. They will help you negotiate the process, and make the best decisions – whether you or your parent becomes a Berrington resident or not!

Why is Berrington different?

We don’t really have that much space here. Let’s just say that the proof is in the eating: we have exceptionally happy residents, and delighted families who visit often. There is a buzz around a Berrington home because families and friends are welcome, and they love it.

What do residents do all day?

We have optional lifestyle activities seven days a week. We have a range of exercise options overseen by our full-time physiotherapists. We have an onsite hairdresser, our clubroom activities, concerts and café.

And all that has to fit between our superb dining service: a-la-carte three meals a day – now no-one else does that. The food is exceptional, and a highlight for everyone.

What is the process of joining Berrington?

Well, first of all please come and meet us. We will treat our discussions with discretion and respect. We will fit around a time that is best for you. And we want to help you – don’t think we will either push you, or not be bothered with you. We really do care.

Secondly (and we can help here if you need) is to obtain an assessment of your care needs. It’s called an ACCR – an Aged Care Client Record. This grants you access into aged care, and also tells us the level of care services you may need.

If you decide to join Berrington, hopefully we will have a place available and we will help you move in within days. By the way, we will take especially good care of you for the first week or so as you settle in.

If we have no room available we will place you on our waiting list, and keep in close contact with you to update you on availability.