Who we are

We didn't set out to be different for its own sake, but it turns out we are.  Berrington's uniqueness goes beyond the world-class buildings and excellent staff team.  Perhaps it's just a result of our core values.  You won't find our values written on our walls; they're written in our heart.

We're absolutely still on a journey, as we seek to find new and better ways to delight our residents and their families.  We genuinely don't often look at our competition - we're too busy reimagining what aged care could be!

The ambience that greeted me was amazing.  The honesty and openness of the sharing of details as Fran and I walked through the home was wonderful.  The smiles on the faces of staff as they were doing their work was uplifting.  They happily looked me in the eyes and said 'hi'.

The whole experience was so different to anything I had encountered.
Berrington took caring to another level.


Glen Gillingham

CEO and co-owner

The Berrington vision goes beyond the two locations we currently have, and beyond the range of services we currently provide.  We love pushing the boundaries of what people think is possible in aged care, and we want to expand our reach.  We are passionate about serving our older generation, and near-enough will never be good enough for us.  If you are a prospective resident, or a caring family member, I would love our team to meet you and explore whether you can also be part of our story.

“It is a difficult decision to move from your home into an aged care facility, but Wyn has nothing but praise for everything - from her beautiful room to the tasty food, and she is overwhelmed by the kindness and caring of every staff member.  It gives her family peace and a great deal of joy as we see her enjoying life once more.  Thank you Berrington!”
- P and C McW

Karen Gillingham

COO and co-owner

Our vision drives us forward, and my passion is to ensure that our systems and attention to detail continue to serve our goal - providing A Lifestyle Deserved for every one of our precious residents.  We love our staff - they're the best!  But you know - we are not here for them.  We are here for you, and our commitment, excellence, passion and care are just a result of our heart.

We all felt very emotional, but content and happy in the knowledge that our Mum would receive the very best of care in her new home.  It was a truly wonderful experience, something we will never forget.  For that we are eternally grateful to the staff who were so genuine and made the occasion so memorable.
- GM

How do we do it?

Every aged care organization seeks to provide the best care and environment possible.  So how are we different? How do we do it?

Our Facilities.
Our buildings are crafted with extraordinary care. The design, materials, finishes and furnishings all reflect our commitment to providing the best for our residents. And the quality is far more than skin deep. As you walk from our beautiful foyers to the public and communal spaces, and right to our private bedroom suites – you will notice that the care to detail and quality does not diminish.

Each facility contains at least 150 pieces of original art, and beautiful bespoke furniture. For example our beds are king-single, made to our own design. Our gardens are extensive and landscaped to delight.

Our Clinical care.
We take our responsibility to care for our resident’s health very seriously. We have great systems, but the secret is our large team of dedicated nursing and caring staff – many more than industry standards.

There is so much more that we do, which we can explain when we meet. But hopefully you can sense our spirit – we will never give up stretching to grow, to improve, and to delight. That’s the Berrington Experience.

We love to do more than the expected. We love to go above and beyond. That’s why we have our on-site chefs creating meals seven days a week – not only superb meals but a-la-carte. At each of the three meals a day our residents have choices for each course. It’s why we use porcelain dinnerware, linen tablecloths and napkins, crystal glasses, quality wines and barista coffee. We even have dedicated wait staff, trained and ready to serve with enthusiasm.

We have full gymnasiums and full-time physiotherapists, and amazing lifestyle teams coordinating a huge variety of activities seven days a week.